Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

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Have you been thinking of going Solar?


There are, naturally, pros and cons to using solar panels. Some of the advantages include zero carbon emissions. No pollution, no waste. It’s some of the cleanest energy you’re bound to find in this or any other galaxy. Advantage number two is freeing yourself (at least partially) from power companies. No more dependence on the power grid system, no more being at the mercy of outages and rate hikes.

The main disadvantage of solar panels is price. The average cost for a home installation of the typical solar panel system is $35,000. There are two types of solar panel systems: solar thermal system and the solar electric system.

The solar thermal system is less expensive than solar electric systems. Solar thermal systems can cost as little as $7,700, but a typical solar electric system costs about $44,000.

A second disadvantage of solar electric systems is that they must be protected from hail impact, wind and snow loads, ice. This is especially important for wafer-based silicon cells which are brittle.

A third disadvantage is that some people think they look bad up there on the roof. But if you’ve got some money to invest in something that will eventually pay for itself and you’re interested in reducing your impact on the environment, solar may be the way to go!